​   ​Nancy Herriman  



Book 1 of 'A Bess Ellyott Mystery' - Searcher of the Dead

   In Tudor England, herbalist and healer Bess Ellyott flees London after her husband is murdered, but the peace she has found in the quiet countryside is short-lived. Her brother-in-law, a prosperous merchant, is himself found dead—dangling from a tree, a rope about his neck. A supposed suicide.

   Clues suggest otherwise to Bess. He may be the victim of a rival wool merchant, jealous of her brother-in-law’s success. However, rumors of traitorous schemes to assassinate Queen Elizabeth suggest a very different killer…one whose next target may be Bess herself.

B00k 1 of 'A Mystery of Old San Francisco' - No Comfort for the Lost

     When one of Celia Davies’ poor Chinese patients mysteriously drowns, she fears the case will be hastily closed. Detective Nicholas Greaves, however, has never let ethnicity or the size of a bank account affect his investigations. But as their search for the girl’s murderer takes them from Chinatown’s squalid alleys to the Barbary Coast’s violent streets to the city’s gilded parlors, Celia and Nick begin to suspect someone close to them holds the key to a deadly conspiracy. One that might get them both killed.

​ISBN-13: 978-0451474896

Book 2 of 'A Mystery of Old San Francisco' - No Pity for the Dead

     When the Irish orphan Celia Davies has befriended stumbles upon a corpse—and the husband of Celia’s closest friend becomes a suspect—she turns to Nick Greaves. The husband, though, is the detective's old enemy. If Nick and Celia fail to put aside their personal feelings about the case—and each other—the wrong man may hang.

ISBN: 978-0451474902

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